Accessibility policy

At The Mayhew Consultancy we are committed to ensuring that everyone can access the information we provide. Our website incorporates ACCESSKEY functionality. These keys can be used to navigate the site quickly and easily. Simply hold down Alt, then press the corresponding letter, release and then press return. The ACCESSKEY functionality used on this site is as follows:

Alt + 1 = Go to Homepage
Alt + 2 = Go to Arboriculture
Alt + 3 = Go to Ecology
Alt + 4 = Go to Seminars
Alt + 5 = Go to About us
Alt + 6 = Go to Contact-us

For Apple Mac please use Ctrl instead of Alt.

The Mayhew Consultancy has worked towards complying with the 'web content accessibility guidelines' produced by the world wide web consortium (W3C) whilst designing this website.

Below is a selection of the guidelines we have complied with:

  • Provide a text equivalent for every non text element. This includes images, graphical representations of text such as symbols, image map regions, animations (e.g. animated gifs). Ensure that all information conveyed with colour is also available without colour.
  • Organise documents so they may be read without style sheets. For example, when an html document is rendered without associated style sheets, it must still be possible to read the document.
  • Clearly identify the target of each link.
  • Create a logical tab order through links, form controls and objects.
  • Provide keyboard shortcuts to important links, form controls and groups of form controls.