We recognise that local authorities often request a full environmental audit as part of a planning application. The Mayhew Consultancy is able to address that requirement by coordinating the range of specific ecology professionals that might be needed for any particular project. Our services include:

Site surveys

  • We undertake a full range of ecology surveys, as required by each individual site or proposal. The scope of our surveys ranges from general site appraisals to detailed species specific investigations.

Site mitigation

  • Whatever species may be present we are able to produce site specific mitigation proposals to enable development to occur. Our proposals might relate to timing of works, method statements, undertaking habitat destruction, the installation of exclusion fencing, or the removal or translocation of affected species – employing licensed handlers if necessary. This approach ensures that wildlife is protected, your legal obligations are fulfilled, and that the project continues to run smoothly.

Site monitoring

  • Many authorities will require species-specific site monitoring as a planning condition. We can liaise with the authority concerned to establish the nature and extent of such conditions, and provide the necessary monitoring services – during both the site clearance and construction phase.