City Landscape
Trees in a wood

Trees are at the root of The Mayhew Consultancy - and we believe passionately in the potential trees have to enhance and regenerate sustainable places.

The Mayhew Consultancy is able to bring an understanding of trees, an appreciation of design, and experience of the planning system to provide an arboricultural service tailored to your individual needs. We can help you create schemes in which the impact on trees is understood, explained, mitigated and presented in a unified and coherent way.

When you first contact us we will record some basic site information and establish exactly what your requirements are. We may make a preliminary site visit before discussing and developing the services you are likely to need, and agreeing an appropriate timescale. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of planning policy and process, we are able to identify potential greenspace issues at the design stage and work towards a satisfactory early resolution. Ultimately we will provide you with a report in which the pertinent issues are clearly identified and solutions presented in a way that can be readily understood by clients and local planning authorities alike.

Our knowledge and experience is extensive and we have longstanding contacts with a wide network of environmental professionals. If you need a particular service that is not detailed here feel free to contact us and we will point you in the right direction.