Trees Surveys

Large tree
Fallen broken tree

Whatever your specific requirements the process will inevitably start with a tree survey. Unfortunately, an enormous amount of time and money can be spent looking at trees and collecting data that is in fact irrelevant to your particular circumstances. The Mayhew Consultancy will ensure that the survey you receive is exactly the one you need. Here are some examples of the surveys we can offer:

British Standard 5837

  • BS 5837: Trees In Relation to Construction provides the baseline format for most tree surveys. The information collected and subsequently assessed is essential to inform many of the other services we offer.

Development sites

  • The provision of a British Standard 5837 compliant survey is a prerequisite requirement potential development sites where trees might be affected. The scope and nature of the information required is specified within the Standard and our surveys fully comply with that prerequisite.

Condition surveys

  • There is a duty of care on all tree owners to inspect their trees and take appropriate action to ensure the safety of others. The Mayhew Consultancy can undertake tree condition surveys ranging from individual garden trees to open parks and woodlands. We will inspect for defects, liabilities, and required works. The inspection data is collated and presented in a way which enables the tree owner to demonstrate that their duty of care has been addressed.

Historic tree surveys

  • The Mayhew Consultancy has considerable experience of surveying trees within historic landscapes. This breadth of knowledge enables a comprehensive evaluation of those trees to be made, and allows for a true understanding of their individual significance within a wider landscape context.