Seminars - 2013

Clive Mayhew Seminars 2013 A woodland track way

Clive appeared at the following seminars in 2013.

Trees, Woods and Archaeology Study Day

  • Thursday 28th February
  • Thursday 7th March
  • Thursday 14th March
  • Thursday 21st March

Highgate Wood, London N10 - Click here for directions

Seminar Information

Following on from a series of study days held in Sussex last year, here is another chance to catch Clive Mayhew's unique insight into how our knowledge of trees, woodland and archaeology can be combined to decode and decipher landscapes – only this time it's at Highgate Wood in the heart of London.


How old are the features we'll be looking at in Highgate Wood?

A) 100 years? B) 200 years? C) 2,000 years?

In the morning you will see a range of archaeological features found in even the most urban of landscapes – initially in the classroom, and then actually in the wood itself. The identified features will include various types of banks and ditches, track ways, saw pits, gravel pits, charcoal platforms, and evidence of military, agricultural and industrial activity.

A woodland boundary bank and ditchIn the afternoon Clive will look more closely at how trees can help us to understand the landscapes in which they stand, and how the historic body language of trees can help us to recognize them as archaeological artefacts in their own right.

Again, you'll take this knowledge into the wood and use it to interpret how a couple of thousand years of human activity has shaped the landscape, leaving its mark both on the ground and on the trees growing within it.

By the end of the day delegates will be able to:

  • Identify a range of archaeological features.
  • Grasp the extent and fragility of the archaeology found in woods and parkland.
  • Appreciate the role trees play in understanding the history of landscapes.

Due to space restrictions only 10 delegates per day can be booked on this study day. This day is supported by the City of London and the Arboricultural Association.

For further information and booking details download the PDF files above, send an email to or use our contact form.

Answer to the question: A, B and C