Seminars - 2011

Clive appeared at the following seminars in 2011.

A Tree Introduction Timeline

25th January, 2011 7.30-9.30pm
James Hearsum Lecture Series at Writtle College, Chelmsford, Essex

Clive Mayhew trained as a horticulturist before turning to arboriculture. Following a long career as a local authority tree officer, he now works as an arboricultural consultant based in Sussex.

In 2004 he was awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship studying amenity tree conservation in the United States. Clive is particularly interested in trees within historic designed landscapes, this led him to develop a simple field method for determining and understanding over a thousand years of United Kingdom tree introductions

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Designing with Trees ~ at Kew

26th May 2011
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

How often have you heard the phrase 'the right tree in the right place' extolled as being the simple, single secret of modern landscape and garden design? It may be true, but what exactly is the right tree? Where is the right place? And how can you decide the relative 'rightness' of either? This is the sixth time this popular seminar has been held at Kew Gardens, when Clive and Peter Thurman try, using both historic and contemporary examples, to answer those very questions.

Places are strictly limited to thirty people, so early booking is advised.

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Archeology in wooded landscapes

20th September 2011
The Arboricultural Association’s National Conference 2011, at the University of Warwick

woodlandIf you go down to the woods today, one of the biggest surprises is the number of archaeologists you're likely to meet. They are using new LiDAR technology to look beneath the tree canopy, and as a consequence woodland archaeology has been transformed with a myriad of new features being discovered and recorded.

Deciphering this fragile archaeology can sometimes be tricky. Is that a woodland bank or forest deer pale? A pond bay or a dam? An ore pit or a saw pit? A corn field or ancient woodland? This presentation will explain what to look out for when searching for these features.

Clive will also advocate that the most prominent woodland archaeological artifacts - the trees themselves - are often ignored and looks towards developing a new understanding of 'arboarchaeology' - the archaeology of the living tree

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Designing with Trees in a Living Landscape

28th September 2011
Ieper, Belgium

This is seminar prepared specially for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to be presented at their northern European base in Ieper, Belgium.

The CWGC shoulders an enormous responsibility as guardian to those Commonwealth citizens who fell in conflict. Since its inception during the First World War the Commission has recorded, buried and safeguards the remains of hundreds of thousands of war dead in its cemeteries across the world. Some of those cemeteries were laid out nearly 100 years ago, which is towards the limit of the natural age span of a number of the trees within them.

Our seminar will look at some of the particular tree management issues faced by the Commission in the coming decades. We will also work towards providing some answers to these problems to ensure that trees continue to be special features in these extraordinary places for the next 100 years

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Designing with Trees in Hong Kong

20th October 2011
Hong Kong

Clive Mayhew

Our popular Kew seminar moves to Hong Kong. The city may be different but the issues remain the same. What is the right tree? Where is the right place? And how do we determine or judge the ‘rightness’ of either? These and many other aspects of tree design will be put before the arboriculturists of Asia. In the first of a series of one-day seminars planned for the future.

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